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☆ Artists of the Colour Fantastica: SAI NITIROANANT 

We’re featuring photo sets showcasing art by the fantastic artists contributing to the Fly the Colour Fantastica: A Comic Anthology! 

This is Sai Nitivoranant from Sydney, Australia. Sai portrays fantastical worlds through her cute but slightly dark style. The softness brought about from the natural media creates a beautiful and hazy dream-scape. Find more of Sai’s work at the following places: tumblr / twitter / DA

Our Kickstarter campaign is still going on! Check us out if you’re curious :)

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by 山ト砦


Some of my preview pages for the Fly the Colour Fantastica comic anthology :D! There’s so many talented artists involved and I’m very glad to be part of the project!

If you’re interested in the comic please consider backing us on Kickstarter! There’s only 7 days left and we’re sooo close to getting hard cover!!!! 

Thank you everyone so far for the support!

Allison Schulnik

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